Free On-line Counselling Support Group

Free On-line Counselling Support Group

Isolated – but not alone!  – Free On-line Counselling Support Group

If the spread of the Coronavirus has left you feeling increasingly anxious and stressed then you are certainly not alone. The Government’s policy of social distancing has left many of us feeling isolated and vulnerable and uncertain about the future.

Drighlington Health Hub is committed to helping the wider community during this period. We are offering free group sessions of 90 minutes over the internet. The sessions will be conducted by a Groupwork specialist .There will be no set theme to the sessions so “free floating” discussion will be encouraged.  The groups will comprise up to 9 people and will run initially for 10 sessions. It doesn’t matter where you live in the country, if your online – you can join in.

To take part you will need to have internet access and to download free software called ZOOM which you can find at . Once a session time has been agreed you will receive an email link which will connect you with the session.

Sharing with others can bring enormous benefits, so why not enquire about our groups today by completing our online enquiry form below.

The initial group timetable is as follows:-

Mondays 10.00am till 11:30 am

Wednesdays 7pm till 8 30pm

Thursdays 7pm till 8:30 pm

Therapy required
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