Our Hub is a welcoming space where individuals can nurture their mind and body. We offer a range of services including Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Yoga and Mindfulness. We also offer low-cost counselling to make our accessible for most people.

The Hub is dedicated to supporting the wellbeing of our local community through a range of activities. Counselling, Couples Counselling and Hypnotherapy offer powerful tools to help you work through the problems in your life. These may include anxiety, depression or anger or perhaps simpler dissatisfaction with life. Yoga and mindfulness help you develop a sense of calmness and mental clarity. They are great tools for dealing with anxiety, stress and low self-esteem.

Emerge Therapy  offers Psychotherapy and Couples Counselling. They have a particular interest in supporting clients with anger and anxiety. They also offer bespoke counselling services for couples.

Leeds & Bradford Hypnotherapy Clinic aim to help people find meaningful alternatives to their present, unsatisfactory ways of thinking, feeling or behaving. We aim to transform the lives of people who have been programmed over the years for failure, frustration and unhappiness.

We also offer workshops, training and CPD for Counsellors and other health professionals. We will shortly be launching a range of bespoke CPD workshops aimed at Trainee Counsellors. The workshops aim to provide you will the skills you need to feel competent and confident in the therapy room. Training is delivered by experienced Counsellors and Supervisors with a wealth of real-world experience. Our workshops are the perfect complement to your training and are priced for the student budget.

Come and join us, we are excited to meet with you.